Best Online Business Podcasts

Best Online Business Podcasts

The best online business podcasts are the format that is convenient to listen to in a traffic jam or during routine activities. But there are so many of them that just exploring all the options and figuring out which one is really worth including is not an easy task.

The Popularity of Podcasts for Modern Business

To be successful in anything, you need to constantly learn. New publications about business and the secrets of success come out almost every day. Podcasts that can be listened to over the Internet have a number of advantages over conventional websites and books. Opened the page (even via mobile Internet), clicked Play – and you listen at any convenient time. This is especially convenient when driving or in line, waiting for a flight, etc.

Time on the road or a lunch break can also be spent with benefit. For example, dedicated to learning and listening to a podcast. A convenient format for presenting information, interesting guests who share the secrets of success, and analyzing mistakes – all this can be found in podcasts. Given the globalization of economic activity in modern conditions, we note that a characteristic feature is the merger and acquisition of not only banks from different countries but also transnational banks that have their own branches and subsidiaries abroad.

Podcasts are convenient to listen to on the go, playing sports, or other activities. And not just for fun. In Russian, there are enough podcasts about business in which beginners and experienced entrepreneurs talk about how they solve new problems every day, share successes and failures, talk about trends and news. Changes in legislation gave rise to an unfavorable business environment, companies began to appear on the market that was monopolists in certain industries that had a significant impact.

The List of the Best Business Development Podcasts

Among the list of the best business development podcasts are:

  1. Empower Business Show with Lena Benjamin MBA is a selection of the best talks from entrepreneurs, innovators, and business researchers. For example, you will learn the opinion of an economist about the impact of an uncontrolled capitalist on the environment and human health.
  2. HomeBiz Startup TV is a podcast about what it’s really like to do business. In the first two seasons, they talked about how a businessman built her first business – a coffee shop in Moscow. And now we tell the stories of entrepreneurs from different parts of the country and share what is happening in a new business – the podcast studio.
  3. The Mind Your Business Podcast discusses the topics of the releases that are very different: for example, how to understand that it is time to quit, and how to tune in to work after a vacation; is it possible to do business with a wife or best friend. In addition, they talk about what is happening in specific markets, not only in the post-Soviet space but also in Europe and the USA. For example, how sales managers are trained in Israel or how they work with clients in America.
  4. The Indie Hackers Podcast is a podcast about how modern technologies affect business development, competitiveness, and life in the market. The host discusses successful cases of technology implementation with experts.
  5. Advanced Freelancing and tells how to use them to increase sales, increase customer loyalty, and what benefits digitalization will bring to the business of the future.